IMC partners with McMaster for Continuous Improvement

Ira McDonald Construction has been in the Hamilton area for almost 75 years. IMC has a rich and deep history, and innovation has been a very key thread woven through IMC’s fabric.

Ira McDonald is happy to hear a presentation done by Hector Fernandez (below) who is part of the Walter Booth School of Engineering (WBSE), as it relates to a project he is working with our company on. Working through McMaster University, Hector provided the entire company an update on his project of mapping out the process of the “IMC Way.”

The “IMC Way” is being process mapped and value streamed to ensure effective delivery for the best value to the client. IMC is committed to a Lean approach and ensuring an efficient and focused delivery to the client.

IMC is proud to partner with WBSE on this project, as it is beneficial for IMC’s continuous improvement and customer focus, as well as promoting education and opportunities to McMaster University students.

Exciting times at IMC! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at